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Mother’s Day Poem: Mom, Wow!

Mom, Wow!

What’s her name? I will tell you “WOW!”

Wake at dawn, then out of bed Pow!

Fix breakfast, then tell kids “Up Now!


Worries many, tasks are not a few.

Caffeine high, helps her to get through.


Pleased with life, she oft will avow.

As world tips, she takes a grand bow.

Turned up down, MOM’s written as WOW!

June Nash

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Poem about Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day


Happy Mother’s Day to all.

To moms, and to moms-in-law.

Show your love, breakfast in bed.

Warm thoughts about moms now dead.

Don’t forget the steps and grands too.

All moms are owed their just due.

Send a card, letter or hug.

Don’t just brush day under rug.


It’s Mother’s Day!  What to offer?

No need to empty your coffer.

Presents some give, all they can lug.

Others silent, squeeze out a hug.

 –                         –  June Nash


Happy Mother’s Day to all the sons and daughters too.
Mothers would not be mothers without you!

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Original poetry. Copyright 2012, June Nash

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