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Painting and Poem: Budding Flower


Budding Flower 

by June Nash


She sits, quiet, in back of the room.

Wishing, wanting to stand out, flaunt her plume

Like a model walking with confident stride

In dark shadow, instead, she seems to hide

Not know, unsure, of her latent power

With smile, and pride, she’d bloom like a flower


She sits, quiet, fingers making the noise

Dreaming, waiting, to flaunt her style with poise

A pianist who plays with confident airs

In dark shadow, instead, silently stares

Not known, not shown, incredible power

With smile, and pride, she’d bloom like a flower


About the painting:

Not quite finished yet.  I like the way it is turning out though.  

I finally got around to writing a poem for it.  

I wrote two poems, but you will have to wait until next week to see the other.

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Poem: Not Alone


Not Alone

by June Nash


Not alone

Just a click away

Sit at home

IMing each day


House quiet

No visitors come

He bears it

With his online chums


Though hugs miss

From lack of contact

Touch or kiss

Is only an act


Not alone

Just a click away

Quiet phone

Heavy on heart weigh

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Poem: Snow White Liar

Snow White Liar

by June Nash


smooth talking man greets lovely lady

she doesn’t care that he seems shady


like sweets on tongue, she eats up his lies

he praises her wit, beauty and eyes


they may be truths, but how does one know

when they’re piled high in drifts like snow


starved for attention, desperate for love

into the snow she drops her white glove


it’s outline she sees, though very dim

like truth in the lies spoken by him


his weak excuses, flakes upon flakes

deep down she knows they’re all lies he makes


with all snow white lies, there comes a day

when truth shows through, lies melt away


from warm sweet spun words ice only felt

watching with sadness, her snowman melt

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Poem: Ego Trap


Ego Trap

 by June Nash


Entering a job new

To get, told lies, a few

Wasn’t sure he could do

So faked it. S’nothing new


Given training, that’s cool!

Learned ins and outs, at school

Ask no questions, ‘His rule!’

Gained respect, not thought fool.


At times felt out of place

Hard to keep up this pace

Acting brash to save face

When up against hard case


Dad came to him and said

Put your ego to bed

Can’t know all in your head

Just ask questions instead

but all will think me dumb

no more raises will come

my friends will call me scum

to this tune his nays strummed

Do not ask same question twice

But don’t stop asking advice

Ask until know each slice

Ignorance, not a vice

patience thin in those asked

they tire of queries tasked

say I have already basked

in their wisdom un-flasked

Perhaps their knowing’s tapped

Now making them feel trapped

Need tap another chap

Seems you’ve closed teacher’s gap


He marched on with clear view

Questioning what was new

More he learned, less he knew

Yet knowledge ever grew


Confidence in self grew

Free from mind trap he flew

Became most esteemed crew

Sharing knowledge he knew


Showing his ignorance had

been scary, now not bad

Best lesson ever had

Was shown him by his dad

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Poem: Brassieres Through the Years

Brassieres Through the Years

by June Nash


At 12 years,

Training bra could not wait to wear

Boasts development of a pair


At 18,

Shredded it, shed it, and burned it.

Free, liberated, unbound tit



Jiggling wiggling needed to stop

Back into bra those babies plop


Many years,

Wore a brassiere without complaint

Kept those boobies under constraint


At 60,

Have comfort as higher concern

Think again it’s time to bra burn

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Poem: Dumb Blonde

Dumb Blonde

by June Nash


Here’s a story of a girl named June

Cute little blonde, a bit late to bloom

Got attention flaunting empty head

Though brain alive, she feigned it was dead


Started quite young, all said it was cute

Made people smile, she thought it a hoot

Dumb blondes aren’t born, they are created

Raised to be cute, later berated


“You are stupid,” several friends would blurt

Though knew not true, left her feelings hurt

Set out to prove that she wasn’t dense

Went back to school, studied for some sense


Years of acting, hard habit to break

Airhead antics, difficult to shake

Path not easy, but got her degree

Thought that enough, but still wasn’t free


Impress her worth on others she tried

Pains unnoticed, in silence she cried

In time she learned that which she needed

Believe in self, care not how treated


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Poem: Love’s Call

Love’s Call

by June Nash


He called, enthralled, cannot wait

Looking forward to the date

Unaware of tomorrow

And broken plans to follow


Dreams of love in blissful sleep

Unknowing what day will reap

Clock ticking, seems well oiled

Sweet clicking, ‘til plans foiled


Hopes of caressing love’s face

Squashed by unkind frenzied pace

No hug, no touch, just a call

Salty tear drop starts to fall

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