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Poem: I Who Care

I Who Care

by June Nash


I’m a nag

Out right hag

You say fine

All the time

But do not

Do a lot

Easy go?

I say no

Hard to bear

I lose hair

From roots pull

My plate’s full

I can’t quit

So throw fit

It’s not fair

I still care

03/27/2014 at 9:53 AM 3 comments

Poem: Thought That Got Away


Thought That Got Away

by June Nash


The old man had a thought today

But like a fish, it got away

He struggled with it in his hands

Wiggling, into the lake it lands


Like a great white bass he once caught

He held in his hands a dear thought

Can’t remember it’s size or weight

It is gone now, now it’s too late


He goes back to his rods and reels

Back to fishing for thoughts he feels

A nibble or two in the brain

Trying to hook that thought again

03/20/2014 at 7:26 AM 2 comments

Poem: Not Alone


Not Alone

by June Nash


Not alone

Just a click away

Sit at home

IMing each day


House quiet

No visitors come

He bears it

With his online chums


Though hugs miss

From lack of contact

Touch or kiss

Is only an act


Not alone

Just a click away

Quiet phone

Heavy on heart weigh

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Poem: Ifs And Buts

Ifs And Buts

by June Nash


If ifs and buts were fruits and nuts

If only I had enough guts

To stand up and speak honestly

About those acting greedily

How we should all be quite content

With all we have and life’s content

To help each other selflessly

And stop the crying me me me


If ifs and buts were fruits and nuts

If only I had enough guts

To live my life as I would preach

Out to others my hands would reach

To say, not me, I need no raise

And then, of others virtues praise

To give without want of reward

Or to tally blessing points scored


If ifs and buts were fruits and nuts

If only I had enough guts

I’d venture out and gather these

And pass them out as I would please

These nuts and fruit could feed the poor

Sated they would not ask for more

But these are only words, not deeds

Only words, but they can plant seeds

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