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Poem: Snowy Descent

Snowy Descent

by June Nash


Trees glistening laced in white

Fills our senses with delight

Down from sky flakes softly drift

The sky grants this special gift


First snow fall tends to amaze

Delightful glee on wintry days

Gazing at soft fluffy flakes

Start of Christmas spirit makes


Skate in figure eights on ice

Laugh when falling once then twice

For hot cocoa come inside

Snuggling by the fireside


While pure white snow gives delight

Old Jack Frost gives nasty bite

Wintry days are fraught with cold

As time winds on it gets old


Shoveling for the 13th time

Scraping windshields swathed in rime

Feet slipping on patch of ice

Dreams of tropics sure sound nice

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Poem: Brassieres Through the Years

Brassieres Through the Years

by June Nash


At 12 years,

Training bra could not wait to wear

Boasts development of a pair


At 18,

Shredded it, shed it, and burned it.

Free, liberated, unbound tit



Jiggling wiggling needed to stop

Back into bra those babies plop


Many years,

Wore a brassiere without complaint

Kept those boobies under constraint


At 60,

Have comfort as higher concern

Think again it’s time to bra burn

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Poem: The Storm

The Storm

 by June Nash


Storm builds,

though water’s still calm

Smell it,

the damp dewy balm

Lead air,

heavy with quiet


will drop lower yet



like a storm will rage


begins the first stage


can smell how it reeks


when nobody speaks


At first,

a few drops of rain


beads of pent up pain

Tears change,

become mad downpour


winds blow open door



rains pour from the sky


as ill feelings fly


clapping, lightning flash


until no wind left


Lets up,

storm has run it’s course

Done in,

from thunder voice hoarse

Storm clears,

all to say’s been said

Head aches,

eyes swollen and red

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