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Poem: Black Friday

Black Friday

by June Nash


Well fed, next morn venture out

Along the Black Friday route

To buy gifts that kids don’t need

Buy, buy, to be done with deed


Need to get all the gifts bought

So our nerves will not be fraught

Come Christmas Eve under tree

Merry Christmas, it’s not free


I love to shop!  I will be out stimulating the economy the day after Thanksgiving.  I will not start until Friday.  I do not want to be the cause of people having to work on Thanksgiving.  I understand that some people must work.  Their jobs are essential.   I.e. police, firefighters, nurses, etc.  Retail is not essential.  I prefer to let those poor workers enjoy a day off with their families.  Beside, I plan on enjoying the holiday with my family.

Happy Thanksgiving to all!  Don’t eat too much!

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Poem: Thanksgiving Day Welcomes Santa


Thanksgiving Day Welcome’s Santa

by June Nash


Morning parade starts the day

Welcome Santa, won’t you stay?

See us through the end of year

Help us forget days draw drear


This season starts with a feast

Cheering on first snowy beast

Giving thanks for big and small

Thanksgiving Day starts it all


Anxious for that special day

When under tree gifts you lay

Help us forget days turn cold

As brisk winter winds unfold


Stay with us through Christmas night

After that we’ll be alright

Tired from fun parties bring

We’ll hide inside until spring


Thanksgiving Day will be here soon.  This to me starts the celebrations leading to Christmas.  This is a great distraction from the change in weather here in Michigan.  We are so excited about the holiday, we don’t have time to worry about the cold winds and coming snow falls.  

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Poem: Dumb Blonde

Dumb Blonde

by June Nash


Here’s a story of a girl named June

Cute little blonde, a bit late to bloom

Got attention flaunting empty head

Though brain alive, she feigned it was dead


Started quite young, all said it was cute

Made people smile, she thought it a hoot

Dumb blondes aren’t born, they are created

Raised to be cute, later berated


“You are stupid,” several friends would blurt

Though knew not true, left her feelings hurt

Set out to prove that she wasn’t dense

Went back to school, studied for some sense


Years of acting, hard habit to break

Airhead antics, difficult to shake

Path not easy, but got her degree

Thought that enough, but still wasn’t free


Impress her worth on others she tried

Pains unnoticed, in silence she cried

In time she learned that which she needed

Believe in self, care not how treated


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Poem: Genie


by June Nash


Found a lamp, old and dusty

Rubbed ‘til no longer rusty

Clutching lantern to my breast

Dreamed of wishes it’ll bequest


Money, money loads of it

Hot new clothes with perfect fit

Handsome lover who’ll be true

Perhaps a few fun friends too


To my surprise, wish came true

Jumped for glee, after I knew

Purchased ticket, it had won

Answer to these dreams begun


Draped in gems and coat of fur

A handsome suitor bit lure

What a catch, but all for naught

When noticed I’m fish that’s caught


Money drain with help of friend

Never noticed, all pretend

Now all alone, worse than broke

All new friends went up in smoke


Please old lamp, shiny like new

Tell me what’s a girl to do

Clutching lantern to my breast

Ruing the day of it’s bequest


Genie smoke starting to rise

Figure spoke to my surprise

“Now that fortunes have drained out

Learn what work is all about”

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