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Poem: Jamaican Blue


Jamaican Blue

by June Nash


Black, beautiful, your strength I adore

Holding you close, I breath in your scent

Make my blood boil, reach into my core

Need you inside, come start my ascent.


I’ll drink you up, every single drop

Voltages surge as you touch my lip

Please, one more cup, another, can’t stop

Quivering shakes, with each luscious sip


Stop! That’s enough!  Cannot take more Joe!

Of strong and bold jamaican descent

Leaves me trembling, from head though to toe

Exhausted, drained, and completely spent

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Poem: Good Daughter

Good Daughter

by June Nash


Raised my children, now they’re grown

Husband’s passed, now on my own

Nights are quiet, days are too

Nothing left, of use, to do


Mama, she is slowing down

How long will she be aroun’?

Afraid she’ll die, all alone

She’s a bit accident prone


Daughter says come live with her

Didn’t want to, now not sure

I’d like to watch grandkids grow

Hate to be a burden though


Mom nursed me when I was young

Twisted life, look how it swung

She can rest under my arm

I’ll persuade her with my charm


As time passed, decisions made

With good daughter mama stayed

Times, they were not always good

None knew why, nor understood


My daughter’s sweet and caring

Won’t burden her by airing

Petty gripes about my state

Should not have come, now too late


Gave mom our room on first floor

Husband liked things as before

Children gripe, ‘cause can’t make noise

To appease, buy both more toys


Sweet dear, spoils the kids

Catering to husbands bids

I can help, perhaps I should

By dropping hints. That’d be good!


Mother dear, tries to be nice

Interferes, but should think thrice

It’s my home, but whose in charge

Those little hints, getting large


As time passed, a peace was made

With good daughter mama stayed

Times, they were often quite good

None knew why, nor understood


Talked to daughter, heart to heart

Began with a bumpy start

Talked about my feelings true

Asked her advice, what to do


Mama and me now are friends

For way we acted, made amends

When Mom watches kids it’s great

Let’s spouse and me have a date


Safe and secure on my own

In daughters house, now my home

Never thought I’d come to stay

But glad my kids led the way


Times were often bittersweet

When mom’s will and mine did meet

I gained a lot ‘cause she came

Though helping her was my aim


As time passes, life must fade

With good daughter mama stayed

Times, they were often quite good

None knew why, nor understood

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Poem: Love’s Call

Love’s Call

by June Nash


He called, enthralled, cannot wait

Looking forward to the date

Unaware of tomorrow

And broken plans to follow


Dreams of love in blissful sleep

Unknowing what day will reap

Clock ticking, seems well oiled

Sweet clicking, ‘til plans foiled


Hopes of caressing love’s face

Squashed by unkind frenzied pace

No hug, no touch, just a call

Salty tear drop starts to fall

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Poem: Alone


by June Nash


Took a tumble down the stairs.  

Not hurt, but who really cares

Lying in a jumbled heap

It’s not pain making me weep

All alone, no one to hear

Leap for joy, or shed of tear

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Poem: Falling


by June Nash


All a blur of tangled feet

Mind on the ground soon to meet

Previous arm breaks, cause pause

Of reaching hands, pull in claws


Realization starts to crop

I’m going down, cannot stop

Top of steps, they number two

Must resign, nothing can do


Tumble, falling to the ground

Landing face first, earthward bound

Moaning on back, taking stock

Feel some pain, but mostly shock

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