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Poem: Father vs Son

Father vs Son

 by June Nash


He would send a check when ever he heard

From his only son, just a call or word

Son doesn’t make much, and dropped out of school

Dad gives good advise, but son’s such a fool


His son, very proud, bribing doesn’t work

Not concerned with cash, thinks Dad is a Jerk

Only wants some sign of recognition

A mark of respect, not denigration


So son does not write, rarely makes a call

The insulting check, trying to forestall

He would come visit, would stay for a while

If only pop stopped the critical bile

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Poem: Nature’s Concert

Nature’s Concert

by June Nash


Hark, orchestral tone, early morn

Geese adding in a bit of horn

Leaves soft rustle, back drop of song,

Crickets chirp as they sing along

Sun rising higher in the sky

And birds seem to dance as they fly

Rustling crescendo starts to build

Creaking branches begin to yield

Jazzy feel to natures concert

Mama Earth plays without effort

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Poem: Walls


 by June Nash


Blithe, whimsical, I want to be

Wary stoned walls won’t release me

Be free to act, even to dress

An unhindered adventuress


Free-wheeling thoughts that come to mind

Are tempered with practical binds

Mountain climbs foreshadowed with falls

Tight fitting clothes could breed cat calls


Need step outside this brick lined cell

Built it myself, now feels like hell

What once was safe and comforting

Now necessitates some aborting

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Poem: Lost Sock

Lost Sock

by June Nash


Oh rats! My sock!  Where did it go

Only enough to fit one toe

The washer, dryer, who’s the thief

That steals my bootee causing grief


Did static cling creep into load

Causing foot to be naked toed

Or has sock gone to meet it’s peers

That have disappeared through the years

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