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Poem: Sit and Chat

Sit and Chat

by June Nash


Chat chat chat

What’s going on with this and that

Pour some coffee and chew the fat

Seems like hours we talked and sat


Chat chat chat

Must go, say goodbye, tip my hat


Yap yap yap

Enjoy my friends and all that crap

Vigor soaring high as jaws flap

Then exhaustion strikes with a zap


Nap nap nap

Need to go home and take a nap


How do you feel when you get together with your friends?  Energized?  Excited?  I love getting together with my friends.  We energize each other.  So much so that when I get home, I often need to take a nap.

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Poem: Destination Unknown

Destination Unknown

by June Nash


New sights sounds and smells

Excitement exhales

From pores of being

Virtual freeing

Trips to the unknown

From rut into zone

Interests sated

Trip long awaited

Rekindles spirit

Gives journey merit

I’ve been on vacation.  No access to the internet, so this post is a little late.

Even for retired folk, vacations can bring fresh perspectives and renewed spirit.

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Poem: Life’s A Book

Life’s A Book

by June Nash

Pick up book open cover

Read last page to discover

How it ends, want to be told

Can’t wait ‘til events unfold


Go to fortune teller old

Looking to hear future bold

Will I find friend or lover?

What end will life uncover?


Why read book if know the end?

Same with living, why pretend?

If know what outcome will be

What is left to do or see?

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Short Poem: Rainy Day

Rainy Day
by June Nash
the peaceful drone of a steady rain
flush everyday worries down the drain
from subconscious mind thoughts wander free
sort of a self absorbed thinking spree

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