Poem: Too Busy for Fun

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Too Busy for Fun

I was busy, lots to be done

No time for hobbies or things fun

So I put aside crafts and things

Focused on loftier doings


I’d sit and ponder tasks at hand

Sit and sit, but never to stand

I started up a game or two

Of solitaire, that’s all I’d do


No time for games, I need to quit

But vague forces drive me to it.

Eventually, eyes crossed and sore

I’d take a break, tackle a chore


Why can’t I focus on my work

Why from commitments do I shirk

To self responded, to self said

If can’t have fun, rather be dead

 June Nash


Working on a project that I needed to complete, I put aside my various hobbies that allow me to shut down my mind.

Deprived of my hobbies, I found that I was drawn to solitaire.  What starts out as a quick game, becomes compulsive.  Playing first one game, then two, then twelve.

My hobbies allow me to focus on a repetitious task, similar to playing solitaire.  The difference is that I feel renewed and have something to show for my time when occupied with a hobby.  Solitaire does nothing except eat up time.

When deprived of normal pastimes, I become driven to other means of relaxation.

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Original poetry. Copyright 2012, June Nash

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