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Poem: Engagement Toast

Engagement Toast
by June Nash 


life is begun

best friends, hearts one

enjoy the bliss

of happiness

you found your mate

and set the date

may you each day

more in love stay


Finding one’s soulmate is a beautiful thing.  This poem was written for friends, newly engaged, who I wish will have many years of contentment.

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Poem: Walk in the Woods

Walk in the Woods
by June Nash


Listen to the breeze flowing through the trees

Echoes of voices, each with their own pleas

All around dampness, dew, and moldy wood

Dank creaking trees, if they could talk, they would

Moaning groaning feel my pain

Shouts are soft this sad refrain

Aches, agony, hear my plea

Dark woeful cloud surrounds me

Sun breaks out, shining through fluttering leaves

Sparkling rays of hope ‘tween branches it weaves

Wet puddles glitter as the damp tree’s bark shine

Spreading light, seeking to warm earth’s dark spine

Moaning seizes, feel less pained

This sunny day hope has rained

Flowing rainbows I embrace

As smile floods furrowed face

Listen to the breeze flowing through the trees

I walk through bare woods where friends welcome me

Warmth and love sparkling ‘tween fluttering leaves

Vines of calm and peace through branches it weaves

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Poem: Reposted, An old favorite, Helping Others

Helping Others In Need


Task to do, not my own.

For good deed, will atone.

Put aside, time, effort,

With goal to help, purport.


Own work oft neglected.

Such a chore selected!

Do your job, and my own.

Now all mine, in my zone.

Think positive, frown free

Deed not force upon me

Help, sincerely given

This help is called livin’


Every week will set time.

Do this task, without whine.

Maybe this will help serve,

Strong habits, instill verve.


Helping out, is my goal

Make your hurt bearable

You are tired, sick, hurt

From duties, you not shirk.


Step in to ease your grief

Step in, my actions brief.

Things I do, do with zeal

Do these things, let you heal.

 –                          – June Nash

I am reposting some of my favorite poems.  I have written over 200 poems.  I am taking some time to reflect on them.  My goal was to write 300 poems.  I have been writing this blog for over a year and am two thirds of the way there.   I’m taking a break from writing every week.  I will repost my favorites and continue to add  new ones here and there.

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Poem: Too Busy for Fun

Too Busy for Fun

I was busy, lots to be done

No time for hobbies or things fun

So I put aside crafts and things

Focused on loftier doings


I’d sit and ponder tasks at hand

Sit and sit, but never to stand

I started up a game or two

Of solitaire, that’s all I’d do


No time for games, I need to quit

But vague forces drive me to it.

Eventually, eyes crossed and sore

I’d take a break, tackle a chore


Why can’t I focus on my work

Why from commitments do I shirk

To self responded, to self said

If can’t have fun, rather be dead

 June Nash


Working on a project that I needed to complete, I put aside my various hobbies that allow me to shut down my mind.

Deprived of my hobbies, I found that I was drawn to solitaire.  What starts out as a quick game, becomes compulsive.  Playing first one game, then two, then twelve.

My hobbies allow me to focus on a repetitious task, similar to playing solitaire.  The difference is that I feel renewed and have something to show for my time when occupied with a hobby.  Solitaire does nothing except eat up time.

When deprived of normal pastimes, I become driven to other means of relaxation.

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