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Poem: Heaven and Hell

Heaven and Hell

living is hard, in fact it’s Hell

the locale where doldrums do dwell

burnings, yearnings, and desire

for things of which we aspire

aspire for, but just can’t reach

school, ‘bout happiness, did not teach

tucked into bed of burning aches

of lost goals and woeful heart breaks

seething with anger, or hot tears

bearing it slowly through the years

living is hard, in fact it’s Hell

that is the place many do dwell

those who embrace this devilish hell

who relish pain of life’s rough spell

toss away old aspirations

yielding to new inspirations

will rest upon a cloud of bliss

your Hell his Heaven judged amiss

June Nash

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Count Down, A Birthday Poem

Count Down

Once again it’s birthday time

Turning sixty, but won’t whine

Have my health, and friends galore

With all this can’t ask for more


Sixty is the new thirty

Let’s get real, down and dirty

The clock now is counting down

‘fore get too young must paint town


Sixty is the new thirty

When seventy turn twenty

Even eighty will be fine

But ninety is diaper time

June Nash

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Poem: See the Sea

See the Sea

by the sea, I see

the ocean, it’s free

it’s soothing to souls

as gentle it rolls

as strong winds do blow

more intense the flow


to be like the sea

how I want to be

at life’s punch I’d part

quench the flames ‘fore start

with each ebb and flow

pick up friend, oust foe


do you see the sea?

how flowing and free

so soothing it’s soul

as it plays it’s role

I’m floating along

I’m the sea I’m strong

June Nash

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Mother’s Day Poem: Mom, Wow!

Mom, Wow!

What’s her name? I will tell you “WOW!”

Wake at dawn, then out of bed Pow!

Fix breakfast, then tell kids “Up Now!


Worries many, tasks are not a few.

Caffeine high, helps her to get through.


Pleased with life, she oft will avow.

As world tips, she takes a grand bow.

Turned up down, MOM’s written as WOW!

June Nash

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