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Poem: Weak Will

Weak Will

will power is weak

eating as i speak

don’t feel good at all

’cause action can’t stall

to see must partake

I Must Have That Cake

June Nash

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Poem: Aged Eyes

Aged Eyes

woke from sleep with a yawn

opened eyes, time was gone

raced through life in a dream

running ‘til out of steam

plotted course with eyes blind

sharp focus clouding mind

vision bent on grand goals

blind to joys life extols

time to wake, softly drift

take it slow enjoy gift

of life, love, earthly glee

takes aged eyes to clear see

June Nash

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Poem: New Gadgets

New Gadgets

I bought myself a new toy

make time to learn must employ

most efficient I am told

if it’s secrets would unfold

must I be a prodigy

to make this thing work for me?

I’m leery to buy again

since these gadgets cause such bane

then my daughter drops on by

says to let her give a try

two minutes tops, it’s going

this to me seems mind blowing

June Nash

Do you ever become leery of purchasing new gadgets solely because they are so complex that you need to spend all your time learning how to use it?

I am pretty tech savvy, but. . .  I am getting to the point in my life where I am starting to question if I need anything new because it is just too mind blowing!

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Poem: Speak


if only she could talk

the stories she could tell

after we take our walks

of the scents that she smells


if only she could speak

information derived

as patrolling yard seek

intruders that arrived


if only she could tell

me of the ventures found

the secrets she’d unveil

my precious little hound

 June Nash

Lexie has a system.  She patrols the whole yard before returning indoors.  She finds some spots more interesting than others.  Maybe a rabbit passed by that spot, maybe another dog.  She will lift up her head and smell the scents wafting in from other yards.  As I watch her make her rounds, I wonder.  If she could only speak. . . 

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Poem: Styles for Sylphs

Styles for Sylphs

Aging bodies, changing shape

Don’t like the way clothes now drape

Weight has shifted to my waist

Saggy in butt, not my taste


Dressed like old crone not my aim

Mass production is the blame

Store bought trousers, blue jeans too

All are made for select few


You might say they don’t know

The varied shapes women grow

I do not believe that is true

This indifference is not new


Stylers design to impress

Don’t want plump girls in their dress

Market to young pretty sylphs

Not those bodies whose parts shift


Must be why you often see

Older women, much like me

Attired in pants which bag and droop

Or joining the stretch pant group

June Nash

04/02/2013 at 6:19 AM 2 comments

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