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Poem: The Trip

The Trip


going far away

All packed

been since yesterday


feels like I forgot

To pack

things I need a lot


heading on my way


nothing more to say

June Nash

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Poem: Multitasking One Thing at a Time

Multitasking One Thing at a Time

I am a multitasker, been so since my teens.

It was hard at first, but waitress must-have it seems.

This talent came in handy, when job later changed,

Did not ask, juggled tasks, no matter how arranged.

One day I got married and had a kid, then two.

Working still, running the house, much I had to do.

Now you’d think this talent would make me supermom,

But that’s not how it works, at everything I’d bomb.

If you have multitasked, you may know what I mean

When there is too much to do, time turns very lean.

I had to make a change, or rest I’d never get

I stopped trying so hard, and now no longer fret.

I still will multitask, but do them one by one.

Now can even enjoy time set aside for fun.

It’s still a bit hard to focus on just one thing

But when I do, yahoo, to peace and calm I cling.

June Nash

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Poem: Embers of Passion

Embers of Passion

embers burning, deep inside

embers burn, fire must hide

gurgling like hot lava deep

find a way, passion to keep


feelings tied up, they’re not free

pressures pressing upon me

care too much, must learn to cope

dousing truth’s embers with hope


Turn off news. don’t like to hear!

Fate of this world I hold dear.

Terrible news drives me mad!

Do not focus, on the bad.


hope facade, but feelings true

can’t control what others do

learn to cope, be in control

fire burning, play a role


proactively setting course

above reproach, no remorse

work hard, keep embers alive

control environs I strive


Do not tell me what to do.

How I should act, who are you?

Don’t criticize my actions.

Look at own imperfections.


above reproach, actions take

a life of perfections make

not because I am so great

but for rebukes to abate


passions bound, will not set free

learned to cope with being me

care too much, need close my eyes

hiding where fantasm lies.

June Nash

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Poem: A Bully’s Plea

A Bully’s Plea

Bullies are people too

Looking for help from you

They don’t know how to ask

Instead. . . they kick your ass


Attention now is found

Let’s go another round

Your too pretty, or smart

Your fault this trouble start


If you’d only listened

Instead you had questioned

Fighting is not intent

Before could stop fist sent


Understanding I seek

Give me my way you freak!

Pow! Frustrations released

Un-quietude decreased


I don’t want to hurt you

Don’t you know I had to?

If you only listened

Instead you had questioned

June Nash

02/05/2013 at 6:09 AM 1 comment

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