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Poem about: Mind Racing, Body. . .

Dancing Thoughts

Mind, mine, dances with thrill,

As body. . .  it sits still.

Butt riveted to chair.

Eyes, at screen, blankly stare.


My thoughts often at run,

Thinking of all thing fun.

Leaving body behind,

To exertions in mind.


From this chair cannot rise.

Brain stops it, if it tries.

If only strength could pass

From mind to sitting ass.

 June Nash

My mind is racing.  My body is sitting in this chair, wanting to get up and do something, but. . . . My mind is racing. . . .Racing. . . I can’t get up!

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Poem about Listening To Our Bodies

Body Speaks

Body’s speaking all the time

Do we listen to it’s rhyme?

When we hear, do we take heed

Of things our body has need?


Starts off simple, feeling weak

When too many sweets we sneak.

Advances to an ache, pain,

Resulting from weight we gain.


Body spoke, do not complain

Could used umbrella ‘fore rain.

Use elevator, not stair,

Take pill, get auto lift chair.


Stop talking!  Body I bade!

Vision of health starts to fade.

When ears fail body stays loud

Then silence. . . as rest in shroud

 June Nash

Are you in tuned to your body’s language?  When you hear, do you heed?  

I have been guilty of ignoring my body’s messages through the years.  I am listening now.  Is it too late?  It is harder now.  

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Poem about Being Used

On You Rely

Do you have time?

I say, ‘Yes, fine’.

Put off my task

Because you ask

Buried in trash

My ‘Yes’ too rash

You are now free

To do as see

I’m here alone

your errand drone


Need to stop trend

Go out with friend

Need second look

Maybe read book

Take care of house

Buy a new blouse

Ply at hobby

Perhaps lobby

Pursue interest

Become the best


Consumed with fear

You not come near

Afraid you hurt

If aid I skirt

I cannot give

My life must live

Help I do need

To you I plead

On you rely

What’s your reply?

 June Nash

Have you ever been asked to loan money or time, just to find that the requestor didn’t really need it?  

They had money to buy a frivolous item you would have liked to buy yourself, but didn’t.  

They had time, since you gave them yours, to do the very things you put off doing, so you could help them out.  

Should you ask for help in return?   

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Poem about My Soft Addiction

Soft Addiction

Solitaire is my escape

When life tastes of sour grape.

Also play when bored, restless,

Overcome with loneliness.


To smooth edge, could use liquor,

Or drugs, that may work quicker.

Addiction, mine, is not same.

Could get help if drugs were bane.


Though not dire, still a problem.

Soft monkeys, need to stop them.

At the risk of being rash,

Threw program into the trash.

 June Nash


Some people drown their worries in liquor or drugs.  I escape with computer solitaire.

It’s called a soft addiction.  I have been able to break away from it for periods of time, but I end up returning.  I can’t help myself.  

There are support groups for people addicted to drugs and alcohol.  Soft addictions need to be tackled alone.  

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Poem about Breaking Out Of a Rut

While reading my post on being trapped, I discovered that it is true.

I do feel trapped.  Not trapped by chains place on me by others.  No, I put the chains there myself.  I am in a rut.



I feel stuck in a rut

A new path must be cut

Do not know what is cure.

Need give thought, to be sure.


My interests infinite

Intentions definite

Cannot engage in all

Trying is cause of fall.


Too many dreams burning

They leave me still yearning

For some satisfaction

From completing action


First of all, must start search

On what branch want to perch

Not all actions will cure

This malaise I endure


Make a list, maybe will,

How to capture the thrill.

Check them off one by one

Start new list when all done

June Nash

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Poem about a Lazy Morning

Day Off

Lazing about at a quarter ‘til noon.

Still in pajamas, I should get dressed soon.

Exhausted from week of tasks and toil.

Need a break from life lived at full boil.


No reason to dress, or hop in shower.

Time is right, to while away the hour.

No one is expected, at door, to call.

Time to work, fiercely, at nothing at all.


Pick up a book, experience pleasure.

Read of pirates and their buried treasure.

Return to soft bed, though it is barely noon.

Rise up again, not to sun, but to moon.

Lazy thoughts are brief, not long on my mind,

Morning of rest, all that’s needed, I find.

I jump in the shower, throw on some clothes,

Set sail on new course, go where the wind blows.

 June Nash


I was lazing about on the morning of writing this poem. Feelings of laziness were fleeting.  Caffeine finally kicked in.

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Poem About Feeling Trapped


Rules on us strapped

Are feeling trapped

Cannot escape

Need new landscape

Must book, break loose

Feel cooked, like goose

Lose restrictions

Kill constrictions

Walls must come down

Remove this crown

Thorns cutting deep

Disturbing sleep

Morning will wake

Feelings won’t shake.

Must cut the chain

Or trapped remain.

June Nash

Sometimes the rules we have to live by make us feel trapped.  There are too many.  They do not make sense to us.  They are other peoples rules that do not feel like they apply to us.  

We have a choice.  We can break loose of this chain of laws that bind us, or we can do nothing, remaining trapped.

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