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Poem about a Grand Dog

Grand Dog

Pup come for visit.

Please tell, how is it?

When he came small, cute.

One year, massive brute.

Face huge, jowls dripping.

Squeaky toy ripping.

His face close to mine;

So near, oozing slime.

Friends come, are afraid,

Then on lap head laid.

Sweet, loving grand dog.

But couch he does hog.

June Nash

Do you have a dog?  What type?  Is he a large dog or a small chihuahua?  I have a chihuahua-terrier mix.  I call her a cherrier!  The above dog isn’ t mine, but he is a lovable pup!

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Poem: Well Wisher

Well Wisher

Well wisher comes to call.

Wishing well know it all.

On surface sweet, caring.

Yet is sheep-coat wearing.

Looking for inside scoop,

Or just here to stir poop.

June Nash

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Poem: Out and Do

Out and Do


Out and Do.  Do, do, do.

Kids are mopey, and blue.

Must get them out of house

In sunshine, let them douse.


Try to keep my kids lean

They must turn off machine.

TV and PC games

Often are things to blame.


Get kids outside for walk,

Joining friends, all can talk.

Play tag or jump some rope,

Have some fun, not to mope.


As I sit down to write

I think ‘This isn’t right!’.

This advice for Me most.

Can’t all day write and post.


Off my butt, do PT.

Turn advice back on me.

If follow this routine

From this languor will wean.


Out and Do.  Do, do, do.

Folks needs to get out too.

Joining kids for a walk,

Or hopscotch.  I’ve got chalk!

 June Nash

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Poem about Could vs Should


Could Do

Need to sort what I must do.

Things in queue are not a few.

Some for fun and those that must.

Schedule full, think seams will bust.


Pick up a bit here and there.

Write down, make list with care.

To make list of have to dos

Gives sour mood and the blues.


So I write down stuff as coulds.

Makes more likely to be woulds.

Don’t like shoulds, even from me,

So suggest quite casually.


I could cook, home made, great taste,

Or eat out, not good, cash waste.

To exercise class could go,

Or stay at home, let flab grow.


These are choices, things I choose.

These choices show goods could lose,

If languor over comes will.

Though lounging will oft win still.


So I make list nice and long

Start music, work list to song.

If got done only small part

Still ahead from where I start.

June Nash


I am always over loaded with things I should do.  Should is a term that implies an obligation, not a choice.  I prefer to have choices in my life. A friend of mine read somewhere that the root of the word was scold.  I could not verify that anywhere, but feel that there is a scolding quality to the word.  I listened to yet another friend who suggested that I could remove the word should from my vocabulary altogether, replace it with could.  I like that idea!  

How about you?  Do you ever use the word should?  Can it be replaced by could?

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Poem: Calls Nightly

Calls Nightly

He calls nightly, without fail,

‘Cept sometimes, but what the hell.

I call him, on occasion,

Don’t talk long, curt evasion.

My leisure he interrupts

When his Call Ringer erupts.

Make time, his call is welcome.

When my turn, made feel lonesome.

Like, call from me, not wanted.

Wish to call again daunted.

Leaves relationship haunted

When his control is wonted.

Why call nightly without fail

If cannot make time avail?

When my call his plans abort

He tends to cut exchange short.

Shall I cut him off next time

When interrupts interests mine?

Not a course I choose to follow.

This act would leave me hollow.

Rather he not call at all,

Except for ‘need to talk’ call.

Then both would know importance.

Free to talk, would have balance.

Keep it short, lest long have need,

So that hurt feelings will cede.

June Nash

What do you think of a man who calls nightly. . . well, most of the time.  He says he welcomes your calls, but. . . when you call he doesn’t have time to talk.   I have heard this complaint from friends and acquaintances through the years.  When was the last time it happened to you?  

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Poem about Life’s Paths

Burn New Path

Choose, you must, which way to turn.

Though sometimes path causes burn.

Turn back? Redo? Reverse curse?

Or stop afraid, wound to nurse?

Cannot undo what is done.

Must continue on path spun.

More forks are in road to pick,

Which one to take is the trick.

Neither path is good nor bad.

Made the best of what you had.

From bad choices wisdom earned.

Heed from experience learned.

Focus too, on good that came.

Positives burned in that flame.

Moving forward must take heed,

Life’s tests, new path, will feed.

When you stop along the trail.

If you quit, that’s when you fail.

Fail to find what’s round the bend.

When you quit, it is life’s end.

June Nash


Do you ever think about what life would have been like if you took a different path?  Or do you realize that you still have a choice when moving forward?  Learning from the past, both good and bad, and cutting a new path through life.  Life is a journey of many paths.  Are you one who will choose to move forward?  Or will you stop, sitting in the road, unmoving,  looking over the paths you already crossed?

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Poem: Sage Advice


Sage Advice

Knew a farmer, sad and blue,

“House is too small.” he did stew.


From a passerby was found

Sage advice that was quite sound.


Take in barn animals all,

Until your house feels quite small.


Keep house like this for a spell,

All dirty, with a bad smell.


When you can take it no more,

Then send them all out the door.


Spacious and clean it will seem

Such a cleaver little scheme.

 June Nash

I don’t feel that my house is too small, but I have been feeling that there is too much work to do.  Then. . . I was asked to help others with some of their tasks.   I readily agreed, but found that I had to be twice as organized in order to get everything done.  Some things got put aside.  These tasks are now dwindling to a stop and it made me remember a story I was told when a school girl.   It had the same gist as the poem above.

BTW, I am not feeling over worked anymore.  Nothing like a truly hectic schedule to put everything in perspective.   

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