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Poem: Mishmash



More stuff than could ever need

Constantly add, never cede.

Some which is sentimental,

Others quite accidental.

Amassing more though the years

Until the end of life nears.


When passing, leave to others

To sort and remove clusters

Of collections good and bad.

Sorting through the things you had.

Every family may have one

Heir to keep lodgment begun.


Cycle started years ago.

Once collections start to grow,

Stash in attic, these treasures,

Too valuable for measures.

When kin pass, it starts anew.

How to slow this hoarder’s view.


Whittling down the collection

Making life choice correction

Sometimes forced, because of move.

Or else wants to self improve.

Treasures tend to look like trash

When hidden within mishmash.

–                    – June Nash

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Poem: Expect


Get what you expect

Expect the best

Best will be found

Founded on respect

Respect fellow man

Man will be true

True to himself

Himself helping you

You expect to get

–                                              – June Nash

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Poem: Stress Eating

Stress Eating

In days of yore, long ago,

No place ice cream was to stow.

When stressed a girl had to find

Something else to ease her mind.


Whilst depressed, she had to bake,

Or else shan’t partake in cake.

Ease of freezer use I blame

The excess pounds that I claim.

–                       – June Nash

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Poem: Precious Fruits

Precious Fruits

To sit upon an easy chair,

Feet propped up in relaxing air.

Surrounding self with sweet music,

Family photos, or feel good flick.


Exercise hard, until worn out,

Then to relax, drink a cold stout.

Converse with friends, maybe play games.

When things go wrong, no body blames.


To engage mind, counterpoints vie,

Learning new things that I may try.

Perhaps travel to venues new,

Thinking of things which I may do.


Working wonders with my own hand.

Eating the foods which I have canned.

Cooking grand feasts, inviting friends.

My pleasure chests, they have no ends.


To me, this is a life lived rich.

To find a role that is my niche.

Uncluttered by other pursuits.

These things to me, are precious fruits.

–                            – June Nash

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Poem: Defused



Tended lawn of grass to mow

Just to sit and watch it grow.

Weeds shoot up, need to control

Just so can green grass extol.

Bought gadget, stashed away safe.

Soon found it my life to chafe.

After kept clean and dusted,

Had to fix, when it busted.

Take in things, from other’s lot,

Whether I need them or not.

Keep looking for items lost.

How much does this all cost?

New order to life needed.

Tolerance, mine, exceeded.

Toss out that, which isn’t used.

Decompress, become defused.

–                       – June Nash

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Poem about Can’t Beat ‘em, Join ‘em



Peace and quiet helps me think.

To meditative state sink.

Many thoughts together link

In journal as write in ink.


Noisiness drives me to brink.

Thought process acquires kink.

Oncoming head ache will stink.

So must join fracas I think.

–                       – June Nash

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Poem about Mom

Best Friends


Best Friend, that would be my mom.

She’d be there, to her I’d glom.

Listening close, felt my pain.

Showed me rainbow, when it’d rain.

All that’s left, a memory.

She, no longer, here for me.


Best Friend to hear my trials.

Set me straight on my denials.

A companion at my meals,

Or assist in making deals.

Need someone to hear me cry.

To my mother, said goodbye.

Best Friend, who knows me so well,

Give me boost, make my head swell.

Love same foods, have same pursuits,

Know same people, have same roots.

Best Friend, wish I had me one.

We’d laugh, cry, it’d be such fun!


Best Friend, dream for children.

As we age, our needs broaden.

One person, can’t fill our need.

Hearts need more than one can feed.

When our time with mother ends,

Void filled with lots of best friends.

–                                   – June Nash

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