Poem about Living ones Life

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Living Life


If dying, would life I waste,

Would I be in such a haste,

Running at fanatic pace?

Or time left, would I embrace?

Ambitions, mine, would I scoff,

Let my goals remain put off?

Devote life, to other’s plan,

Have no voice as spirits wan?


Would I look to deeper needs,

For youth’s sake, plant a few seeds?

Tell stories of my life’s past,

Fuel passions, making them last.

Spend money on things that grow,

Watching reaped, what I would sow.

Deal out cards, make them aces

Feed young souls, to win races.


Do I sail to other shore,

Quench my thirst for knowledge more?

Or do I sit inside tomb,

Where I’ve sat since mother’s womb?

Cannot wait until death nears!

Must make a change, despite fears.

I am living, must take reins.

Living life, while life remains.

 –                     – June Nash

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Original poetry. Copyright 2012, June Nash

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