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Poem-Food for Thought-Thoughts for Food

Thoughts for food


Put idea on plate

Don’t swallow yet, just wait.


Does it have eye appeal?

Is it wax fruit or real?

Sniff it, how does it smell?

Rotten?  Then stop… don’t dwell.


Nibble on a small bite.

Does this concept taste right?


Chew upon this notion

Does it stir emotion?


Swallow now, let digest

Then sit and take a rest.


Body begins process

Sorting through jumbled mess.


Mind will digest your thoughts

As you sleep this meal off.

–                       – June Nash

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Poem about problems getting old

Old…I Whine


Aging now, like fine wine.

No, it’s…now old…I whine.

Things aren’t as should be.

I’m old, so respect me.

Two people, begin life.

Together handling strife.

Getting old, now both sick.

To independence still stick.


Needs both different, great.

Upon family, need wait.

Institutions butt in,

Not listen, it’s a sin.


The State, lets call him Bill,

Thinks we’re not capable.

Thinks we’d cause selves harm

If return to our farm.


Says we need constant care.

Their hovering, we bear.

For this, expects that we

Deplete savings, pay fee.


If we could have our say

We would just run away

But home, is where we’d run

Getting old, isn’t fun.


Bill doesn’t understand

We’d rather die than land

In cold protective shell

Reins lost, rotting in hell.

–                   – June Nash

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Poem about Mistakes






Did You Ever?

Did you ever take a shower and forget to wash your hair?

Did you jump back in again? or pretend that you didn’t care?

Did you ever forget to pay for an item you brought home?

Did you return it then, or too embarrassed to even phone?


Did you ever forget to call and wish a happy birthday?

When you remembered, did you call, or let the day pass away?

These things, they happen  to us all.  From mistakes we cannot hide.

What you do, when it happens to you, will be the big divide.

–                                          –  June Nash

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Poem about Tearful Catharsis

Had a Good Cry


Had good cry, now feeling fine.

Just snapped!  Something in my mind.

Need to act more selfishly.

Need take better care of me.


Looking out, others’ welfare.

At last, can no longer bear.

Always keep others happy,

Leaving me, my mood, snappy.


Can’t say where was the point

When my brain popped out of joint.

Living up to others’ desires,

I think, is what flamed the fires.


They don’t even need ask.

I just know, take up the task.

Not their fault that I tire,

Burn my spirit out in pyre.


To say ‘no, I do not care’

It is a hard face to wear.

What I need, do not protest,

Don’t take from me, let me rest.


I don’t even know any more

The things I want to explore.

Had a good cry now feeling fine.

Please… I need to rest, unwind.

–                         – June Nash

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Poem about Happy Birthday to Me


Turning 60, or is it 59.

There is a birthday and I think it’s mine.

I’ll celebrate, party, have a great time.

Don’t send condolences in a letter.

I like my age, every year gets better!

Glad not return behind the ears wetter.

Of advantages I can think of three.

Anywhere, with confidence, wander free

Nothing, any more, seems to bother me.

Faces or names, never could remember.

Of an excused group I am now member.

Doused, my memory, a burning ember.

No longer must I work 40 hours.

I have a choice, read, relax, tend flowers,

Or see the world.  This freedom empowers.

When it is my birthday, I shall opine

This day is not dark, I am feeling fine.

Let’s celebrate, party, have a great time.

–                             – June Nash

This is a repost from an earlier date.  Since it is my birthday weekend, I decided to post it again.

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Poem on Hospital Food

Breakfast in Hospital


Hospital food. . . incredible

omelet. . .  was inedible

Sausage was ok, I could eat.

Cereal and muffin complete

With strong hot coffee served, so sweet!

–                       – June Nash

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Poem: Deserted



Deserted, left all alone.

Locked up, one room, in small zone.

Frightened, lonely, hear a noise.

Let out a yelp, losing poise.


Hear a sound. . . you coming back?

Or a stranger to attack?

Why do you leave me like this?

When you are gone, you I miss!


It’s you!  I’m so excited!

You home, we reunited.

Jumping up and down, I race.

Wagging tail, licking your face!

–                        – June Nash

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