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Poem on writing poetry


Writing poetry, started at twelve
After that, dared not delve
Compared myself to my peers
My confidence lagged. . . for years

Mine were trite, all concealing.
Theirs deep, too revealing.
Sensitive, fragile, I was then,
would not put my heart to pen.

Today tales I have a lot
Too old to care if out they got.
Living with flare, have full life.
Time to share internal strife.
–                     – June Nash

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Poem on Cleaning up Clutter


Clean up! That’s clutter! Throw in trash!

All night, cannot sleep, toss and thrash.

My treasure of things,

Old trinkets and rings.

Importance to me, more than cash!
–                       – June Nash

I have been so busy lately, my house is a mess!

 The clutter is no longer making room for me.

Have you ever been told by others that you need to just throw things out?

 That your treasures are trash?

My quasi limerick.

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Poem about Helping Others

Helping Others In Need


Task to do, not my own.

For good deed, will atone.

Put aside, time, effort,

With goal to help, purport.


Own work oft neglected.

Such a chore selected!

Do your job, and my own.

Now all mine, in my zone.

Think positive, frown free

Deed not force upon me

Help, sincerely given

This help is called livin’


Every week will set time.

Do this task, without whine.

Maybe this will help serve,

Strong habits, instill verve.


Helping out, is my goal

Make your hurt bearable

You are tired, sick, hurt

From duties, you not shirk.


Step in to ease your grief

Step in, my actions brief.

Things I do, do with zeal

Do these things, let you heal.

 –                          – June Nash

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Poem about making your voice heard

Balk to Reps


My opinions, points of view,

To voice them, I dared not spew.

Law makers, they had my trust,

To pass laws that are a must,


I thought ideas of mine

Would be a waste of your time.

But seeing who’s been talking,

It is time that I start balking.

–                   –  June Nash

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Poem on listening to your inner voice

Heed In Deed


Messages planted today

Grow not black and white, but gray


From a friend, or on TV,

Neighbors story, all for free.

Tips on kids, love, self, or health.

Even get advise on wealth.


Well . . . . call it intuition.

Need heed your situation.

Isn’t things you didn’t know,

Just reminders, of life’s flow.


Messages sprout, from set seed.

Inner voice, must heed, indeed.

In deed.

–                  – June Nash

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Poem about friends



Give and give, all you can.

While you’re well, have a plan.

When finally collapse,

You’re caught, ‘fore time elapse.


Think alone, at your end,

But then, along come friend.

Make you see, things as real,

Listen, share, how you feel.


Know your heart, true, caring.

Help with load your bearing.

Cheer you up, make you smile.

Friends are cure all the while.

–                       – June Nash

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Poem about helping others yet caring for self

Crisis Come


Crisis come, jump to care.

Hold hands, shared pain to bare.

Help others, duty keep.

Push to serve, losing sleep.

Crisis come, don’t go away.

Drama builds, I care, nerves fray.

Push along, try to be there.

Pushing, show how much I care.


Crisis come, getting sick.

Juggling time not the trick.

Getting sick makes me see

First need, take care of me.

–                      – June Nash

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