Poem- Paying Bills

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 Paying bills.  I do not think anyone enjoys this task.

Paying Bills

It’s time to do bills today.

Can I attempt to do less?

There are tabs, I must, to pay.

How to start I am clueless.

The mail has me in a funk.

I get buried in it’s mass.

I know not which are the junk.

I can’t toss all in the trash.

I would rather be sitting

In the yard getting some sun,

Or busy myself knitting

a new scarf, or hat, for fun.

At my desk, I feel I’m trapped.

As I run, run the numbers,

My energy, it is sapped.

Where’s the money? I wonders.

My bank account it is low.

Will I be able to manage?

Do I pay peter or joe?

Which gives me the advantage

I wait until dates are due,

But can’t wait any longer.

My end to meet, I must glue.

Now, let me sit and ponder.

No!  Just thinking will not do.

I need to take some action.

Distasteful it is, that’s true,

But I need to gain some traction.

So up to my desk, I must,

Start to move my weary bones.

Paying my bills to build trust

Lest reputation atones.

–                     -June Nash


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Original poetry. Copyright 2012, June Nash

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