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Poem: Roar



Room of ten people assemble.

One not, like others, resemble.

Looks or viewpoints not the same.

One must endure, rejection, pain.


Confusion around the issue.

Differences, tears, need tissue.

One needs determination

To deal with discrimination.


Group of nine, only two or three

Ridicule or disdain, not me.

Loud ones, only, being heard.

Blaming the rest, it is absurd.


Not all, who fall in groups, the same.

Negative traits of few to blame.

Reputation, causes fear,

Defense, ignorance to draw near.


Same story, different group this time.

Loud minority group adds grime.

Expressing views, cutting core.

Silent majority DO ROAR!

–                    – June Nash

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Poem: Reflection on Image


In my minds eye, I look great.  It isn’t until I see a photograph of myself, or look in the mirror that I see my true reflection.  I prefer to see myself in my minds eye.  Even so, I don’t run from cameras, and I don’t remove all mirrors from my home.    Sometime the photo or mirror shows me I should change my hair style or outfit, but if it is something that cannot be changed, then I try to accept myself for who I am.

Reflection on Image

Ponder face, mirrors reflection.

Love of self, have great affection.

Face image with hesitation.

Looking glass is too revealing.

Wish these flaws to be concealing.

Capture face on camera lens.

Forward movement of time suspends.

Same face, never transcends.

Do not care for recent snap shot.

Reminders of looks, I like not.

Rather browse through old ones I’ve got.

Photograph is too revealing,

Under study, need concealing

Upon further reflection of late,

Maybe I could without hate,

Upon these reflections relate.

Images of self revealing.

Opportunity for healing.

Ponder face, mirrors reflection.

Love of self, have great affection.

To any flaw, make correction.

If correction an option not,

If concealer not remove spot,

Accept myself for what I’ve got.

–                 – June Nash

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The Park – A kid’s point of view

This poem was inspired by my granddaughter.  She loves playing in the park.

The Park – A kid’s point of view


To the park I want

To go this fine day

I must ask my aunt

To take me to play.


We’ll walk to the park,

Kick sticks as we go.

With chalk I will mark

An X and an O


Sliding down the slide,

Swinging on the swing,

Playing seek and hide,


My aunty said yes!

So glad she agrees.

Now I need to dress

In my dungarees.

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It Doesn’t Hurt to Ask – Poem

My granddaughter was over the house today.  She asked me to put a swing set in the yard.  I couldn’t believe it!  She didn’t ask for a doll or a book, but a swing set!  That was too much!  She is so cute, but not THAT cute!

It Doesn’t Hurt To Ask


I know a girl she’s only five.

She’s all happy when I arrive.

I love this little granddaughter of mine.


For a swing set she asked today.

Said no, not my yard, go away!

Oh no, I am afraid.  Will she start to whine?


Then maybe a pool? She did coo,

At your house I’ve nothing to do.

Only five, yet she can talk such a line!


I baked some cookies, come lets eat!

Hoping to distract.  Take a seat.

How to get out of this may take some time.


You have books, dolls, balls and crayons,

Plenty things for you to play on.

She is such a sweetheart, takes it just fine.


Learning early in life I guess

If you ask, if you can impress,

You might get what you want. . . . If not, , , , you tried

–                   –  June Nash

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Socially Stunted- Poem

Do you know of anyone who is lacking social graces?  Someone who is difficult to be around?  When you graciously try to lead them to meet others so that you aren’t their only friend, they shun the idea because they don’t like those people.

Socially Stunted


People don’t like me I don’t know why.

I’m so desperate, I try and try.

They seem, to me, so mean.

They openly yawn or turn away.

People don’t hear what I have to say.

Told in detail I mean.


I sneeze, I wipe, I don’t understand.

They pull away as I reach out hand.

It’s clean, wiped it on blue jean.


When I visit, if get there at five,

I get to dine after I arrive.

Better timing not seen.


My family says that I should befriend

The lonely girl who lives ‘round the bend.

On that idea not keen.


Not me I said, not me I grunted.

Befriend her?  She’s Socially stunted!

–              – June Nash

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Spring – A Poem by June Nash

Spring came early this year.  It is only March and already temperatures in Michigan are in the upper 70’s.  I was out working in my yard.  When I finished, I sat down with a cup of tea.  I enjoy this beautiful weather!

This picture was taken of the early spring flowers surrounding the birch tree in front of my home by my daughter.



Cleaning up flower bed

Removing old and dead

foliage.  Spring lifts her head.


Sit down, with cup of tea

Natures bliss surround me.

Open senses let be

in touch with nature, free.

Kick off shoes, grass cool, wet.

Smell damp dirt, hear quiet

Songs of insects, then get

A sense of natures profit.


Enjoy first taste of spring,

Watching that which earth bring.

Listen now, the birds sing.

–                – June Nash

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Lesson in Romance _ A Poem by June Nash

Lesson in Romance


If in the mood for romance,

Take a class and learn to dance.

At least try, give it a chance.


Listen girls, give him your trust.

Follow his lead, it’s a must.

He will earn it, treat you just.


Listen boys, now is your chance,

Your in control, learn the dance.


Remember, she is your girl,

Don’t forget, give her a twirl.


Above all, dancing is fun.

When dancing, be two as one.


It is important to have a connection,

Making moves in same direction.


If he seems to miss a beat,

You shall adjust, you can meet

His rhythm, adjust your feet.


If you give your man the chance,

Trust him, let him lead the dance,

Then you’ll have a great romance.


Gentlemen, listen, to my cheer

She is the star, so make it clear.


When leading her on floor of wood

Show her off, make her look good.


Your job is to make her be seen

As though she’s your princess or queen.


Life and love are much the same.

Learn to dance, you may obtain

A smooth path through lovers lane.

–                  – June Nash

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