I’m taking a sabbatical from posting on my blog.  I will return, possibly, when the snow starts to fall again.  Until then, I hope to enjoy the rest of the summer and the coming autumn.  I might still write, and paint, but I will not be posting.

Have a great summer!

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Poetry: Piano Practice

Gwen Sketch at Organ-full

Piano Practice

by June Nash


Mommy, why must I stay?

Must I the piano play?

My friends are all outside

Running, laughing, so gay


Mommy, was this your dream?

Through me, you live, it would seem

For you I will abide

I work hard to see you beam


Mommy, why must I stay?

Must sit at keys and play?

My feelings they collide

For it’s such a sunny day

This is my second poem, written for the painting of my granddaughter sitting at a piano.   I haven’t had a chance to get any more work done on the painting last week.  Too busy with what life throws my way. I have it, not quite completed but close, hanging, unframed, on my living room wall.  I enjoy looking at it, it inspires me to make some time to finish it. 

The photo shown is the original photograph that the painting was created from.  It is an organ, not a piano, but I am taking advantage of my poetic license.  

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Painting and Poem: Budding Flower


Budding Flower 

by June Nash


She sits, quiet, in back of the room.

Wishing, wanting to stand out, flaunt her plume

Like a model walking with confident stride

In dark shadow, instead, she seems to hide

Not know, unsure, of her latent power

With smile, and pride, she’d bloom like a flower


She sits, quiet, fingers making the noise

Dreaming, waiting, to flaunt her style with poise

A pianist who plays with confident airs

In dark shadow, instead, silently stares

Not known, not shown, incredible power

With smile, and pride, she’d bloom like a flower


About the painting:

Not quite finished yet.  I like the way it is turning out though.  

I finally got around to writing a poem for it.  

I wrote two poems, but you will have to wait until next week to see the other.

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Painting; Making Progress

I’m still at it.  I worked on the dress.  Making the lace and folds of this pretty dress come out was a lot of fun!

GwenAtOrgan_Draft (2)

Next step, fix the face.  The face isn’t quite done, but starting at the top and working down from there she is starting to come alive.  Her hair has lost it’s red shades, a little sparkle is daubed into the eye, and her skin tone is beginning to even out.

GwenAtOrgan_Draft (1)I am really proud of how this painting is developing!

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Poetry Challenge: Piano Practice

I haven’t had the chance to write poetry for a while.   I have been too busy painting.  My latest project  is of my granddaughter.

Gwen Sketch at Organ-fullSuch a pretty subject.

I want to write a poem inspired by this photo, or the painting that I create from it.  Join me if you like.  Share a poem that is inspired by this photo and link to it in the comment section.  Or write it into the comments.  I would love to read it!


I have been documenting the steps as I proceed.

1st, the sketch:  I put this in my sketch pad.  It gives me an idea of what I want it to look like when I’m done.



Next, I rough it in on the canvas:


Added some color:


It is still a work in progress.  I will post more photos of the painting as I progress.




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Poem: Wrapped In Worries


Wrapped In Worries

by June Nash


Woke up today

wrapped in you

Your problems, hurts

and pains too

I do not mind

truly don’t

But I can’t help

it’s not won’t


You’re wrapped up in 

others too

Their needs, deeds, and 

want to dos

Time to think now

of yourself

Before you waste 

your good health


It’s not the time 

that is spent

That makes me feel 

late on rent

It’s the worry 

I embrace

Watching the qualms

that you face


You worry too

fret and cry

About those who 

never try

Those who let you 

be their crutch

They will leave you 

without much


So I’ll lend to you

caring ears

Even share in

salty tears

I won’t take your 

worries though

Cannot let you 

steal my glow

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Poem: Holey Sock

Holey Sock

by June Nash

I’ve a hole in my sock though no one can see

Let’s keep it a secret between you and me

My foot, it rubs against the side of my shoe

Causing a blister, I don’t know what to do

I have no more money to by a new pair

Nor have I more mended pairs which I can wear

Just leave me alone, let me be by myself

I’ll wait all alone for the good fairy elf

He’ll repair my poor sock, or bring me some new

Until he comes knocking I’ll sit here and stew

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